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Dear Pak Prabowo, Would you be our Hero?


Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk mempublikasikan aspirasi politik saya untuk kedua kalinya. Kali ini berupa surat terbuka untuk Pak Prabowo. Curahan hati ini terpicu oleh wawancara Pak Prabowo di BBC News Impact 11 Juli 2014 (silakan saja nonton videonya di youtube). Mungkin karena itulah otak saya berpikir dalam bahasa inggris waktu itu. Jadi deh surat terbukanya dalam bahasa Inggris. Ini murni aspirasi pribadi. Saya tidak mengajak orang lain untuk berpandangan sama. Tapi saya juga akan menghargai jika pandangan saya ini dibiarkan, dan tidak perlu dicaci maki. Lakum dii nukum waliyadiin. Biarkan aku dengan keyakinanku, kamu dengan keyakinanku. Akan selalu ada jalan damai untuk mufakat: karena kita selalu bisa bersepakat untuk tidak bersepakat. Agree to disagree 🙂

Sekian prolognya, berikut curahan hati saya untuk Pak Prabowo.

Dear Pak Prabowo,

I was enchanted by your charisma, also by your high spirit and patriotic vision to work for a more prosperous Indonesia. I gave my vote for your party several times, but why do you now seem to be blinded by your ambition to be our president?  What in the world happened to you? Your coallition scares me. Your own quick counts bother me. Your inconsistent attitude on election result, disappoints me. You have massive wealth. You are actually the wealthiest presidential candidate. Why does it seem that to you there is only one way to bring indonesia to be more prosperous? Do you have to be our president first before you can make us prosperer and re-become the Macan Asia?

Well, do you know Bill Gates, Pak? He is not a president of any countries but his work and wealth have helped and stimulated a lot positive changes in the world. I hope you know him. I also hope that instead of aspiring to become our “Bung Karno”, you can eventually realize that it will be much more useful if you would become our “Bill Gates”.

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